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Blacksone Cast with Character Bios

Spoiler Alert!

Just kidding. This is a quick taste of the characters inhabiting the world of “Blackstone - Hand of God™". Heroes, villains and a few undecideds. Read on, zPeeps. Meet the alt-future.



Character Bio

Peter Anderson Aaron Senne Spoiled, rich, passing through and willing to throw everyone else under the bus.
Adelaide O'Hara Alexandra Reilly Patient Zero. Unrepentant psychopathic murderess. Culinary risk taker. Granted Billy Joe his lifelong wish. Sort of. Sought out and infected Blackstone, but not before eating his right eye. Adelaide doesn’t have regrets, she gives them.
Ariel Baxter Alisha Bolz Beautiful, deadly with the voice of an angel. Ariel knows exactly what she wants and will do anything to get it. Her lullabies are usually permanent.
Luke Baxter Andrew Potter Definitely good at being bad. Mostly in it for the excitement. And the snacks. Authority gives him hives. Snappy comebacks are a specialty.
Monique Bushard Ashley Nadeau Think girl next door, only she’s never home. Smart, brave and determined to date British. Oh, and she’s deadly with a ball peen hammer. Just sayin’.
Lizzy César Bebe Reilly Arturo’s pride and joy and he fits perfectly around her little finger.
Dahl Jeffries Brian Chambers Old friend turned minion. Promises made, rewards due, Dahl hates what he’s become, but there’s no turning back. He’s on this roller coaster until it leaves the tracks. Oh yeah, and nails wish they were half as tough as Dahl.
Lawrence Benjamin Maxwell Bruce Smith Jason’s favorite uncle and roommate before the apocalypse. War hero, prophet, visionary. Without Larry, there would be no survivors, no resistance. Somehow he knows what’s just about to happen and always has exactly what you need exactly when you need it.
Bobbie Bryce Korf Wants to do what’s right, even if it’s wrong. Bad guys need rules, too. Dammit.
Magda Blackstone Caitlyn Lambrecht Long-suffering, cheated on, neglected and ignored, she’s willing to forgive and... okay, not so much. Most of the time she’s pretending she isn’t planning to kill everyone around her. She smiles, but her eyes say step away from the Magda.
Rita César Carmen Anello Perfect mother, maybe too perfect. Does anything for her kids. Anything.
Sheriff Jimmy Gilcrest David Crawford Good guy. Can’t be anything else. It’s his greatest weakness and his greatest strength. Odds are usually stacked against him but the odds aren’t always what they seem.
Jack Arnold Devan Garcia Tough, smart, fearless, but vaguely haunted by regret. Loner. Slow to make friends, but lifelong when it happens. Zombies beware - this is the guy you should have taken out early.
Rev. J. Mortimer Blackstone Dusty Nichols Lost an eye to become one of Adelaide’s first victims, now believes God has chosen him to “purify” the entire human race. Brilliant, quietly demented, driven to conquer the world and very probably will. Knows human weaknesses and how to exploit them. Think zombie Napoleon, only taller. Oh, and he likes the ladies almost as much as they like him. Almost.
Billy Arturo Finnegan Reilly Nice young boy but hungry. Very hungry.
Larry Harley Vinsonhaler Twisted sense of humor, but, hey, he’s a murdering zombie. True believer with an American pick axe. Temporarily.
Max Wilson Jeff Boyer Best British invasion since The Beatles. Eternal optimist with a wry twist. Thinks Yanks are quirky but is fast learning they’re more than meets the eye. Takes one to know one.
Arturo César Jim Ramos Family man and a good guy in a scrape. Unelected leader of the captured humans but has one thing he still must do before he can lead them to safety.
Beauregard Ulysses Gatlin Johnny Horne Heavyweight contender heads out west to train for his title bout away from big city distractions. Perfect example of the right guy in the wrong place at the wrong time. Bad luck, a pick axe and a girl named Jenny score a knockout on what otherwise might have been one of the heroes in our tale.
Jason Maxwell Kelly Rippel If it runs on electricity, this guy can fix it. And then some. Also, batting 1000 in the zombie skull cracking olympics. Oh, and Heather lights his fire. Big time.
Willy Scree Kirby Whitt Frodo had Samwise, Jack has Willy. Always gets the last word, usually followed by the sound of a bat cracking open a cranium. When the whole world is circling the drain, Willy’s the guy who shows up with the stopper.
Jenny Winslow Larissa McDaniel Spoiled, bored, lonely. Zero boyfriend prospects makes Jenny a cranky zgirl. Hungry for romance and adventure - and raw flesh, but mostly romance. One of Blackstone’s favorites but not a true believer. Jenny didn’t get to go to prom and she’s still mad about it. Biting mad.
Alexis Taylor Lauren Smith It’s her first apocalypse but she’s coping nicely. Sensitive, creative and not afraid to be afraid if it makes her more dangerous. Which, of course, it does. Pipe wrench has her name on it.
Mary Anderson Jordan Hayes Just married her soul(less) mate and hey, on our honeymoon why don’t we do something cold blooded? Oh, yes. Let’s!
Ruby Jane Martha Bartlett Piland Cute, scary blend of Attila the Hun and Elly May Clampett in nice fitting girl’s overalls. Psychopaths find her cold and uncaring. Helmet highly recommended. Rock star.
Morgan Scott Mary Caitland Williams Trying not to be just another pretty face and succeeding nicely. Liked bad boys early on but was a fast learner. Heroes are more fun. Especially when you’re a heroine.
John Baxter Matt Foerschler In life, probably a nice guy, God-fearing, proud of his daughter and son, kind, honest and courteous, Now, he’s the exact same guy, only he eats humans. And cats. At least one. Oh, and his daughter is the only thing he really fears. For a reason.
Anthony “Tony” César Matthew Escobar Arturo's brother and born-to-be-bad survivor dude. Seen the worst of what zombies can do. But, fear not. Tony will avenge.
JJ Raymond Remp, Jr. Digging his new job as an apocalypse dude. Big and mean and proud of it. Got a thing for Ruby Jane - whatever she wants, he’ll figure out some way to get it for her. Usually.
Anne Kennedy Robin Bonsall Actress, adventuress, playwright, writer. Think Amelia Earhart with a mean left hook. Descended from an infamous outlaw, she’s waited all her life for her great adventure to begin and now that it’s finally here, she will document every second. And kick a little z-butt along the way.
Narrator Sarah Carkhuff Fizell Digs being a zombie. Thinks humans are getting exactly what they deserve. And she’s right.
Billy Joe Budreau Shawn Nyberg Pursued Adelaide since grade school. Be careful what you wish for, Billy Joe. Purification cost Billy his identity and speech. Well, almost. Don’t let him get too hungry. Hangry and super strength is a potent cocktail.
Heather MacNamara Sheri Rippel Once upon a time future network news anchor turned zombie resistance fighter. Joan of Arc with a bayonet on each thigh. Out of options? Not with Heather around. Digs Jason.
Cole Younger S.J. Hazim Tough, savvy soldier from East St. Louis, eaten up with guilt over surviving when his buddies didn’t and not being able to save even one of them. Getting even is what keeps him smiling. Which he doesn’t do.
“Jake” Susan King Seen the darkness and decided to kick its butt. Multiple times. A lot of guys wish they hadn’t pushed their luck with this female. You know the old saying about dynamite? Jake is why. Lost her best friend to the z-virus, took it personal. Real personal. Archery savant. Who knew?