Zombie Kansas Poster
Zombie Kansas Poster
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Zombie, Kansas

Two mutilated, one missing.

Death is stalking the sleepy Kansas countryside.

Zombie Beauty Pageant

In the future there will be beautiful girls, strong men and... ZOMBIES.

What could possibly go wrong?

Zombie Tattoo Parlor

Love never dies.

Or does it?

Relationships are complicated. Especially when you don't have a pulse.

Zombie Chigger

A walk in the woods goes horribly wrong.

The great outdoors...

A father and son—and something unspeakable waiting patiently, silently, hungrily in the undergrowth.

Zombie Laundry

The original Roaring Rat Films zombie comedy short.

A beautiful young girl sets off to do her laundry and discovers just how far her neighborhood has declined since the apocalypse.

Sometimes it just doesn't pay to be too clean, you know?